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Food Delivery Bags

Delivering piping hot delicacies from the restaurant kitchen straight to the customer is a complex task. With the help of our range of Food Delivery Bags; which includes insulated food bags; heated pizza delivery bags; wholesale cooler bags like ice cream delivery bags, milk delivery bags, e-commerce delivery bags and vending bags; the businesses can easily fulfil their delivery orders.

While the food delivery bags are made from Thermal Insulation, which keeps the food warm and fresh; the ice-cream delivery bags have cooling gel pads to keep the ice-cream from melting. Long distance deliveries do not hamper the quality of the food, as the bags are moisture and water resistant.

To ensure that the bags are the best-fit for a wide variety of products, we have bags in different sizes like 10 inch backpack, 14 inch backpack, 15 inch backpack, 16 inch backpack, and 18 inch backpack. Each bag has a hook and loop mechanism for faster opening and closure. It is spacious enough to carry multiple products in one go with side pockets, incorporated in the design depending on the customer’s specifications.