Hot Delivery Bags, the brand name of Shree Suppliers, is an ever-growing enterprise based in Mumbai, India. Since our inception in 2015, we have catered to wide domains that need to deliver their products on time.

We started out as a manufacturer and supplier for the Hospitality industry in the Gulf. Now featuring an expanded portfolio, we provide world-class delivery solutions by manufacturing innovative bags and customised designs.

Our team of domain experts work diligently to provide customised bags that help you deliver and cater products on time. We enable you to grow exponentially with our food delivery bags, pizza bags, grocery bags, cooler bags, customised helmets, money pouches, thermal lunch bags, and many more!

Tailor made production according to insulation quality, dimensions, Color Etc”

Tailor Made Bags

The insulated Hot Delivery bags are produced tailor made according to the required dimensions, insulation quality, requested colours, etc… The closure on the Insulated bag can also be tailor made according to the application and the user wishes. All this makes it possible to create the ideal Insulated bag according to the specific needs and wishes. Do you have certain wishes or demands; do not hesitate to contact us. Our
engineering team will gladly assist you in our perfect design.

Our vision is to reinvent ways to live better and encourage consumers to expect more.


We believe that to eat and drink well is to live well. Somewhere along the way, though, people learned not to question the products they used to take food and beverages on the go. The world told us to put up with coolers that don’t actually cool anything and Hot bags that doesn’t keep it HOT. We refused to settle, and we don’t think you should either.

We promise to deliver uncompromising products that empower you to live the good life, however you define it. A day with our products should be a revelation about how much simpler and enjoyable life can be when all the details come together with purpose and intelligence. You deserve solutions that are smart, effective and—above all—cool as well as HOT. We’re grateful for the opportunity to deliver them to you.

Our Products

Hot Delivery Bags

Has variety of Insulated Food Delivery bags which keep food hot for longer duration and are food grade and resistant Free.

Cake Delivery Bags

We introduced Cake Delivery Bags by using proper insulation so that the bags are light weight and durable and carries 3 Cake Boxes at Times with Cool Temperature.

Light Weight Bags

We also Introduced light weight Bags for Cold Insulation so that products like Ice Cream, Yogurt, Meat Products, Dairy Products ,Paneer ,Tofu ,Shakes and Vegetable are Frozen during the Transit time and are delivered fresh.

Vending Jackets

We Introduced Vending Jackets for Serving Beverages and Juices comfortably in Events.


We Introduce Customization so the clients are happy by the bags having varied size shape and color as per their preference.

Customization for Helmets

We introduce Customization for helmets along with different types of branding which helps for recognizing the brand name of the company.

Hot Delivery Bag

Today HOT DELIVERY BAG are enjoying a coveted place among its counter parts by providing quality products to their valuable customers.