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Cold Delivery bags

We live in a fast paced digital age where all the types of gourmet meals, right from fast foods and exotic cuisines to traditional desserts and flavourful ice-creams can be ordered online. Hot Delivery Bags has fashioned its special Cooler Ice-cream Delivery Bags to help you satisfactorily serve your customers’ demands for highly perishable dessert like ice-cream.

Crafted in varying sizes, these portable cooler bags are insulated with ice pads that need to be frozen for 24-hours before use to maintain the temperature at minus degrees and effectively prevent the ice-cream from melting.

From an economic perspective, these insulated cooler bags are devised with reusable ice pads to maintain the frostiness within these bags. Divided into various compartments with appropriate padding, these delivery bags preserve the ice-cream in its original form right from the starting point of transit to the point of delivery.