Sea Food Delivery Bags

Product Dimensions

  • 14 Inch Insulated Cooler BackPack.
  • Outer Dimensions as 14 Length *14 Depth *17 Height(Inches)
  • Inner Dimensions as 12 Length *12 Depth * 15 Height (Inches)
  • Weight 1.3 KG
  • Can be used for Sea Food , Frozen Food , Ice Creams and Milk.
  • 12 Kg of Goods Can be Loaded

Features - Cooler Back Pack

  • Water Proof PVC Cloth Having Anti-Bacterial Lining.
  • Anti-Bacterial Lining for Stain Resistant and Washable Fabric.
  • Thermal Insulation to keep the food warm and Fresh.
  • Shoulder Strap to Carry on Motorcycle.
  • Waist Belt for Insulated Bags to be sturdy while riding.
  • Ice Pads Given to Maintain Temp of 1 to 7 Deg Inside the bag.
  • Side Pockets on Both Sides of the Insulated Bags to Keep Pet Bottles.
  • Handle Option Available to carry bag While Walking or in Elevators.
  • Light weight Rider Friendly thermal Insulated Bag
  • Customization Option Available on Bulk Orders.
  • Print Option Available on Front.
  • Colours Available.


  • 8 Months Warranty for all Manufacturing Defects.