Multiple Pizza Delivery Bags

Product Dimensions

  • Front Loading Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag
  • Inner Dimensions as 13.5 Length *12 Depth * 18 Height (Inches)
  • Weight of the bag with Stainless Steel Structure 1800 Gms
  • Bags Can Carry 10 Pizzas of 8 inch or 10 inch or 12 Inches
  • Extra Chain Given for Carrying sausages, Tissues, Flakes and accessories.
  • SS structure having height divided into 9 Inches equally.

Features - Pizza Bags

  • Water Proof PVC Cloth
  • Thermally Insulated Food Grade Pizza Delivery bags
  • Reinforced Stitching for added durability
  • 4 Way Insulation to keep the food warm and Fresh in Any climate
  • Hand Strap Below Bag To Carry While Walking
  • Full Length Chain on the front to keep other stuff
  • Backpack ,Handle Option Available to carry bag Walking
  • 3 Large Pizza Can be Delivered Once
  • Print Option Available on TOP.
  • Colour Customization Option Available


  • 8 Months Manufacturing Defect warranty